Formal and Cottage Gardens

From the geometric lines and planting schemes of the classic English country house, to the apparent random plantings associated with traditional cottage gardens, our professional and imaginative design service is only limited by the bounds of imagination and your personal requirements.

Hard and soft landscaping blend together to creatively form either the most simplistic and maintenance free garden, or alternatively provide an exuberance of form and colour requiring time and care to be fully appreciated.

Kitchen Gardens and Orchards

The explosion of the organic movement and healthy eating has seen an incredible revival of home grown food. We are often asked to incorporate a kitchen garden, where vegetables, soft fruit and fruit trees not only provide fresh produce, but also become part of an educational process for children and adults alike.

We also specialize in the revival and restoration of old orchards, often found as part of established rural gardens.

Country Fencing

�Good fencing makes for good neighbours�, so the saying goes, and a practical or decorative barrier often enhances many projects. We can supply and install whatever is required, but the most popular are post and rail for horse paddocks, high tensile wire for sheep and cattle, rabbit netting for plant and tree protection, or a variety of traditional Norfolk reed, woven hazel, metal park railings or wooden panels for decorative work.

Woodland Restoration and Conservation Projects

Our native woodland is still rapidly disappearing, mainly through neglect. The simplest of coppicing projects will greatly enhance both the structure of old woodland and increase the diversity of its wildlife and flora.

New plantations ensure we leave a legacy for the next generation to enjoy the delights of an English wood. Even a small copse of half an acre or less can provide considerable mixed habitat � and simply planting a group of trees has an enormous beneficial effect.
The scope of our rural activities also includes, hedge laying, pond cleaning and creation, wild flower meadows and hedge planting.

Special Events

The marquee has been erected, the caterers are laying up the tables and the party planners are doing their stuff � but the garden looks less than impressive.
At times like this, we are able to provide the finishing touches to that special event by bringing the garden to life and completing the ambiance for the day.


The bane of most people�s lives is time � or rather lack of it. What was once that perfect garden with not a weed in sight, immaculate lawns and close clipped hedges, is now through lack of time looking a little tired.

Our contract maintenance service removes the pressure, and allows you to enjoy your garden whilst still taking an active part in is development.

We provide a special service for Estate Agents, Landlords, Letting Agents and Property Developers to ensure their assets are kept presentable at all times � first impressions are often the most lasting and profitable.



Pest Problem?

Country Pest Control offers a cost effective environmentally responsible solution to a wide spectrum of pests including mammals, rodents, birds and insects in domestic, commercial, agricultural and equestrian situations.








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